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Angus SteerCR Grassfed Beef is committed to raising the best 100% GRASS FED beef. Yes, GRASS, not grain, not half grass/half grain,100% Grass Fed beef. BEWARE OF COMPANIES THAT CLAIM TO BE GRASS FED. If these companies can't say 100% GRASS FED then look elsewhere. Do you want the healthiest beef possible for you and your family? I am sure the answer is yes. The key is to not just focus in on "organic", "natural", "lean", "wild", or one of many terms used in today's food industry to lure customers. These terms are good in a limited sense but more important is a term that is often overlooked that has a great impact on our overall health... GRASS FED.


Primarily sells large quantities of grass fed beef, such as a quarter beef, side of beef, or a whole beef. Selling large quantities helps us to pass on affordable grass fed beef prices to the customer. 

Price for quarter beef:       $600 + $50   Dollar Processing Fee
Price for half beef:           $1100 + $100  Dollar Processing Fee
Price for a whole beef:    $2000 + $200 Dollar Processing Fee

Special arrangments can be made for restaurants or health food stores wanting to sell CR Grassfed Beef.

We sell grass fed beef to the entire North Texas region, including Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Dallas, Mesquite, Plano, Denton, Sherman, Granbury, Stephenville, Cleburne, Weatherford, our home town of Tolar, and all cities in between.

Special arrangements can be made to deliver our grass fed beef to customers all over Texas.  CR Grassfed beef will also deliver to our friends up north in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Missouri.  Also our friends out west in New Mexico and out east in Louisiana.

Remember CR Grassfed Beef can be called many things; organic, natural, 100% grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free, free range, healthy, but most importantly we want to be called simply old fashion.  We raise beef the way nature intended, with time and high quality grass.

Email: crgrassfedbeef@gmail.com 

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